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Who We Are

Look around you. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the street, there is probably something right next to you that was painted or constructed with Tambour products.

Since it was founded in 1936, and to this day, Tambour has been synonymous with paint and pioneering in the construction industry in Israel. Our history is an integral part of the building of Israel, and of its growth. Over the years, we have developed a broad and diverse basket of products. Today, Tambour leads the Israel market for paint and construction products – paint for home and industry; construction products such as plasterboard, powders, and adhesives; and special paint and coatings for the aviation, railway, shipbuilding, and other sectors.
Tambour, a private company, is part of the Kusto Group – an international corporation with holdings in construction, infrastructure, and energy.

Tambour's factory in Akko is the largest paint factory in Israel

Building a Better Future

At Tambour, we have looked ahead and chosen sides – we are doing everything we can, and beyond that, to build a better future. We recognized our responsibility for devising more innovative, healthier, and more ecological living environments, and have seized the opportunity. The change is already here, and we are determined to continue in the forefront of that change, with products that improve the quality of life, save energy, and reduce their environmental footprint, for the sake of all of us.

Innovation on Behalf of the Environment

The experts in our advanced research and development laboratories are making large-scale investments in innovation. Every year, Tambour develops a large number of new products, unique effects, types of industrial paint, and various construction materials. In recent years, many hours of research have been devoted to developing and manufacturing more ecological and environmentally-friendly products that will support progress towards a green construction sector in Israel,, and that will help to design a sustainable future for all of us, both in the short term, and on behalf of future generations. As a market leader, Tambour’s policy is to set a high threshold for quality that will ensure great added value, and will give users confidence in the results.

Tambour's advanced research and development laboratories are in Akko.

Tambour's Factories

Tambour has six factories spread throughout Israel, from Akko to Ashkelon.
• Tambour’s factory in Akko, the largest paint factory in Israel, manufactures decorative paint products and external coatings.
• The Askar factory manufactures mainly paint for industry and for metal products.
• The plaster factory in Akko manufactures plasterboards and plaster blocks, as well as steel beams and tracks.
• A new factory for construction finishing materials in Ashkelon is one of the most environmentally-friendly factories in Israel. A wide range of plaster systems and cement materials are produced there, including plasterboards, adhesives, fillers, emulsions, etc.
• A plaster factory in Kibbutz Gesher, specializing in plaster and plaster-based construction products.
• The David Powders factory in Migdal HaEmek manufactures electrostatic powders for advanced painting of aluminum and metals.

A large distribution system includes over 1,000 “Tambouriyot” points all over Israel. In addition to Israel, you can find our products in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Africa, the Far East, and Europe.

Tambour’s new factory for construction finishing products in Ashkelon.

Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Protection

Tambour’s commitment to the environment and responsible production, management, and fair employment is upheld through rigorous standards, and significant activity, in this area. Dozens of products in our catalogue bear the Green Label of the Standards Institution of Israel, and are manufactured in compliance with the rigorous environmental quality standards that went into effect in Europe in 2010. The SII Green Label was granted to Tambour’s plaster factory in 2011. All of Tambour’s paint and plasterboard and plaster block factories conform to environmental quality Standard 14001.
In addition, Tambour regularly receives high corporate responsibility ratings, including the following:

  • Maala – Business for Social Responsibility – Tambour has received Maala’s platinum rating for the past five years.
  • Standards Institution of Israel (SII) – Since 2012, Tambour has been awarded the diamond standard, after receiving a large number of certifications for the quality of its products.
  • Galilee and Negev Development Authority – Tambour was awarded five stars for quality and excellence by the Galilee and Negev Development Authority, and won a citation in the national quality competition.
  • Manufacturers Association of Israel – In 2012, Tambour won the Northern Industry Prize for corporate responsibility.
  • Diamond Standard – Tambour was awarded the most prestigious standards certification in Israel, for dedication to the quality of its products.
  • Platinum certification – for Tambour’s factories and Tamboard Gypsum Products.

Tambour with You at Every Stage

Tambour strives to move the Israel paint and construction sector forward. For this purpose, it operates training channels, workshops, courses, a telephone center manned by experts, and an extensive network of technical advisers, together with a variety of options for consultation and training for the professional community. Thousands of professionals – painters, contractors, and plasterers, as well as architects, interior designers, etc. – benefit from our support and assistance at every stage. Tambour provides professional counseling for selecting shades of color in a range of channels – online through the website, a home designer service, on the social networks, and in every place and channel through which we can talk to you.

5 Things You Did Not Know about Tambour

Tambour is responsible for painting several Israeli landmarks: the first Habima Theater, the Israeli-manufactured Susita car, the Merkava tank, and more.
2. What is the origin of the name Tambour? In the 1930’s, before the State of Israel was declared, children used paint cans instead of tambourines to keep the rhythm. The paint cans became tambourines, and the company became Tambour.
3. A range of Tambour products have been used in infrastructure. This includes dozens of large national projects, among them the northbound Highway 6 tunnels, the Light Rail, the bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem, and more.
4. 80% of professionals in Israel say that they would use Tambour to paint their homes.
5. Tambour has 196 different shades of white paint. White is the most widely sold paint in Israel, and the most popular specific shade of white is Hush White OW221P.

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