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Who We Are

Look around you. Regardless of where you are - at home, at the office, on the street - there’s something nearby that’s been built or painted using Tambour products.

Since its founding in 1936 and to this very day, Tambour is synonymous with paints and with pioneering the construction industry in Israel.  Tambour’s story is interwoven with the story of Israel – the events, growth and building of the country. Over the years Tambour has developed a broad and diverse selection of products and progressed to its current status, as Israel’s leading company in the paint & construction market. Tambour is owned by Kusto group, a Singapore based diversified holding company, operating in the industrial sector across the world.

Our guiding vision

In every aspect of our activity – manufacturing products for the private sector, for the construction market and for the industry – Tambour is guided by a single vision: to positively improve our living environment.  This vision is the underlying principle and the driving force of our activity. We seek to touch all bases, by providing modern tools to architects and designers, upgrading the expertise of Israeli professionals, and supplying home owners and residents with an esthetic and pleasing living environment.

Tambour’s basket of painting and construction solutions is the most extensive in Israel – ranging from paint products for home and industry, to construction products such as gypsum boards, powders and glues, through to unique materials for the aviation, rail, and shipping industries, the print industry and more.

Tambour distributes its products and expertise country-wide, through some 1200 ‘Tambourit’ branches.  Tambour products can also be found across Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Africa, the Far East and the American continent.

Tambour factories

Tambour operates six factories across Israel:

  • Tambour factory in Akko – the largest paint factory in Israel, manufactures decorative paint products and exterior coating
  • Askar factory – manufactures metal paints and industry paints
  • Gypsum factory in Akko – manufacturer of gypsum boards and blocks as well as a variety of base track and upright metal studs.
  • Factory for construction materials and Printing colors – in south Ashkelon, manufacturer of emulsions, construction products, accessories for construction and infrastructures, glues,  sealants and inks.  
  • Plaster factory on Kibbutz Gesher – specializing in plaster and gypsum-based construction products.
  • David Powders in Migdal Ha’emek – produces electrostatic powders for advanced dyeing of aluminum and metals.


Tambour invests considerable resources in innovation, with novelties emerging from its advanced laboratories for research and development.  Each year, a wealth of new and sophisticated products are developed using groundbreaking technologies – including special effects, unique industrial paints, and assorted construction materials. As the market leader, Tambour operates according to the highest standard, thus assuring multiple benefits for users as well as confidence in the results.

Tambour – with you at every stage

Tambour is dedicated to advancing the paint and construction industry in Israel.  To this end we offer instruction, workshops, professional courses, a hotline staffed by experts, and an extensive system of technical advisors, with various options for consultation and guidance targeting a professional audience.  Thousands of professionals – painters, contractors, plasterers, architects, interior designers and more – benefit from our support and accompaniment, available at all times and at every stage.

Corporate responsibility and quality of the environment

Tambour’s commitment to quality of the environment and responsibility in manufacturing is backed by its meeting of stringent industry standards.  Scores of Tambour products carry the Green Label of the Standards Institution of Israel and are manufactured according to Israeli and European quality of environment standards.  Each of our paint and gypsum board factories operates in compliance with the ISO 14001 Quality of Environment standard.

In addition, Tambour is regularly awarded top ranking in corporate responsibility by major organizations including:

  • Mala for Corporate Social Responsibility – Platinum standard
  • Standards Institution of Israel – Diamond standard, in recognition of meeting multiple industry standards as well as the company’s product quality.
  • Galilee and Negev Development Authority – Five-star ranking for quality and excellence + citation in a national quality competition.
  • Israel Public Trust – Tambour is the only paint and construction materials company listed with IPT.

Tambour – the colors of Israel throughout its history

Tambour is one of Israel’s most powerful brands in terms of marketing and productive excellence.  Tambour has gained recognition and loyalty from the Israeli audience and is the preferred brand. Moreover, it has gained the public’s total trust.  Tambour is proud to be listed as one of Israel’s Super Brands – for the tenth year running.

Five things you didn't know about Tambour:

  1. Tambour is responsible for the painting of a number of Israeli icons including HaBima Theatre, the Susita vehicle, the Merkava battle tank, and more…
  2. So where does the name ‘Tambour’ come from?  In the 1930s, before the establishment of the state, children would drum on paint tins, using them like “tambourines”.  The name stuck and then we came into the picture, thus the name Tambour.
  3. Tambour’s construction products are being used in some of the largest national projects in Israel – the new tunnels in highway 6, Tel Aviv underground, the bridge on the way to Jerusalem and more.
  4. 80% of professionals in Israel say that they’ve painted their own homes using Tambour paints.
  5. “This white or that white” – Tambour’s color fan includes 196 shades of white!  White is the biggest seller in terms of color, specifically the shade Hush White (OW221P).

Building Israel for over 80 years – click here to read the full article with Mr. Micha Scharir, CEO of Tambour group, in Business Focus Magazine.

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