• Construction Materials

    Building with Tambour products means choosing the highest standards, decades of experience and quality materials. Our range of construction products includes plasters, adhesives, sealants and refurbishing products to achieve the best results from the foundation to the finishing touch.

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  • External Wall Paints

    Our exterior wall paints are an inseparable part of the Israeli landscape. We offer a variety of products that allow you to produce an esthetic appearance using an assortment of textures and literally thousands of colors.  Our exterior paints are particularly durable, meet stringent standards, and are adapted to the Israeli climate.

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  • Gypsum Products

    A comprehensive and professional range that ensures ease of work and durability. Among our products you may find standard boards, beams and rails, and our special boards: our quiet wall that blocks noise better than any ordinary wall, our Superboard, a particularly strong board for external uses and our fire-resistant board.

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  • Interior Wall Paints

    There's no substitute for quality paints with high coating ability, superb textures, and easy to work with.  Browse our product catalogue and you'll find that same quality all the way through – for any foundation, room or idea you have.  We offer our classic paints in a variety of textures, acrylic finishing materials, magnetic paints, rust and metallic effects and more.

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  • Metal Paints

    Our paints for metal surfaces allow you to upgrade home furnishings, easily and comfortably.  They allow you to paint interior spaces with no accompanying odors and may be applied directly on rust or galvanized metal,  and are suited to mediterranean whether conditions.

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  • Preparation And Filling Materials

    Before getting down to painting it's important to prepare the surface. Our materials for sealing up holes, repairing cracks and more will make your paint job so much easier and render perfect results.

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  • Wood Paints

    Bring your creativity and professionalism to new heights!  Using our quality wood paints – available in a dazzling variety of colors – allows you to effortlessly produce artistic effects on wood or Formica surfaces; seal, smoothen and protect wood furnishings (inside or outside the home).

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