A comprehensive and professional range that ensures ease of work and durability. Among our products you may find standard boards, beams and rails, and our special boards: our quiet wall that blocks noise better than any ordinary wall, our Superboard, a particularly strong board for external uses and our fire-resistant board.

Most Popular


    Fire Defender Board – Plasterboard for Maximum Fire Resistance, Fiberglass Coated

  • Green Board

    Green Drywall Board, Moisture-Resistant MR, Green, Paper-Coated Drywall Board for Use in Wet Rooms

  • Pink Board

    Fire Retardant Drywall Board FR, Drywall Board for Interior Use, Improved Fire Retardance, Board Color Pink


    Gypsum Drywall Board for Exterior and Interior Use, Resistant to Water, Humidity, Salinity and Mildew, Paperless, Covered on Both Sides with Fiberglass Sheet

  • The Silent Board

    Acoustic Plasterboard for Internal Partitions, Increased Impact Resistance, Fire Resistant Silver shade

  • White Board

    Drywall Board, White RE, for Interior Use, Paper-Coated

  • White Gypsum Block 6

    White gypsum block for easy construction of interior partitions, with a high mechanical strength