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Social Responsibility

Tambour values social and community responsibility, as a company that employs some 800 employees in Israel, a considerable portion of which live in the periphery.

Tambour has been honored with a Platinum ranking in the Maala Corporate Social Responsibility Index for several consecutive years, and is adamantly transparent about its social responsibility.

Diversity in employment: Tambour has made it its goal to employ workers from development areas, by way of creating hundreds of jobs in regions with high unemployment rates. The company fosters diversity and employs workers from all walks of life, including persons with disabilities, pensioners, minorities, etc.).

Community contribution: Tambour donates hundreds of gallons of paint each year to populations in need, and company employees take part in countless volunteer projects, whether during the holidays (distributing candy-filled paint tins at children’s hospitals), in centers for at-risk individuals (painting the Or Akiva center for at-risk families, a project initiated and executed by the Forum of Directors), painting hospitals (a children’s wards painting project by Tambour middle management), and many more.

Tambour encourages its workers to engage in volunteer activities and helps them volunteer in their spare time, allocating company resources (paints, brushes, etc.) and various volunteer opportunities for all.

Ethics: Tambour follows a strict code of ethics, implemented and enforced daily by the company’s legal advisor and vice president of human resources. The company operates an instructional program for the effective implementation of the code of ethics throughout the company and its employees. An annual code of ethics seminar is conducted at each company site, and the code is attached to employee pay slips. New workers are asked to sign the code upon starting their employment with Tambour. A locked suggestion box for employee complaints concerning ethical matters can be found at each Tambour site, in addition to an anonymous hotline for complaints. Every complaint is carefully examined by Tambour’s VP of human resources and legal advisor.

Employee safety: Tambour has been accredited by the Standards Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 18001). The company constantly monitors and improves the safety of its employees at their work stations. Tambour’s safety department conducts regular risks assessments of the company’s various work stations, based on a strict JSA (Job Safety Analysis) protocol. This allows Tambour to predetermine risks and create a safe working environment. The company’s safety manager regularly inspects departmental safety, and is entrusted with coordinating the designated safety specialists, responsible for maintaining an organizational culture of company safety. The safety department holds regular Safety Committee meetings, attended by employees and management, in which safety issues are brought up by employees, discussed and addressed in full.

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