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Our Vision and Values

We're Building Better Living Environments by Meeting the Challenges of the Future

For 85 years, we at Tambour have been helping to design Israel’s appearance. We have been constructing buildings, tunnels, and bridges; painting roads; building national infrastructure; and improving people’s quality of life. Today, we understand more than ever the scale of our influence on future generations. Our aim is to devise more innovative, healthier, and more ecological living environments. The change is already here, and will continue in a variety of ways, with solutions and products that improve the quality of life, save energy, and reduce the effect on the environment. At Tambour, we have taken sides – we are doing everything we can, and beyond that, to build a better future

The values that guide us:

הוספה למועדפים

חלוקת המאמרים לנושאים תעשה לך סדר ותאפשר לך בהמשך לגשת אליהם בקלות

יצירת נושא חדש

בחירת נושא שירכז סביבו את המאמרים שהכי מעניינים אותך