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Code of Ethics

Core values: integrity, fairness and trust

  • Customers are the company’s primary asset and will be treated with respect and fairness.
  • Maintain fairness, respect and honesty in each contact with customers and in each public advertisement.
  • Commitment to truth in advertising.
  • Promote the safe and responsible use of the company’s products.
  • Maintain reliability of information, prices and commitments to customers.
  • Ensure the existence of all required authorizations for signing on price quotes or contracts.
  • Preserve confidentiality in accordance with customer and company requirements.
  • Good customer service that is professional, available, dependable and courteous.
  • We work only by lawful means and never employ unfair or unlawful methods in promoting our products.

Marketing, sales and customers

  • Customers are the company’s primary asset and should be treated with respect and fairness.
  • Maintain integrity, respect and honesty with customers and in advertising.
  • Coomit to truth in advertising.
  • Promote the safe and responsible use of company products.
  • Maintain the reliability of information, prices and customer commitments.
  • Secure all necessary documents required for signing quotes or contracts.
  • Maintain confidentiality according to customer and company demands.
  • Employ excellent, professional, readily-available and courteous customer service as the key to success.
  • Operate solely by legal means; do not abide by unlawful or unfair tactics for promoting Tambour products.

Suppliers and Competitors

  • Procure products and services (including from subsidiaries) based on product attributes and performance, data, quality, service and price.
  • Maintain proper etiquette and company representation in business meetings.
  • Adhere to all processes of supplier reviews, confirmation, authorization and evaluation.
  • Conduct all tenders between suppliers with fairness; all parties must be informed of special conditions.
  • Foster a fair and respectful relationship with suppliers and/or competitors.
  • Avoid discussing business matters with competitors, in compliance with the rules of business restriction.


  • Ensure that each worker/manager is responsible for the quality of company products and services in their respective departments.
  • Remember that quality of customer service is of the utmost importance.
  • Ensure company and supplier activities, including product marking, are in compliance with all relevant rules and standards.

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