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Environmental Policy

Building the Future for All of Us

Sustainability, responsibility to people and the environment, and thinking about our ecological impact are of decisive importance to what we at Tambour are doing. The vision that is leading us to build a better future covers many aspects and levels, including the production processes, the change wrought by the products themselves, the quality of life and the environment, and how we behave as an influential and leading enterprise in the Israeli construction sector.
We have only one country – and we have only one earth. We have chosen sides, and are already taking significant action to apply the principles of sustainable development, aimed at preserving natural resources and maintaining a healthy, natural, and energy-saving environment for the sake of future generations.

Tambour 2030 – Our Roadmap to Sustainability

Every change requires a plan of action. For us, the change begins with leading the trend towards environmentally-friendly construction in Israel, and continues from there with a personal commitment by Tambour CEO Micha Scharir to a program that will map our current environmental footprint and define our goals and measures in matters of sustainability, environmental quality, and contribution to the community, through the year 2030.
We will address the following matters:
• Renewable energy – a transition to natural energy and energy efficiency
• Lessening greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the carbon footprint in production processes
• Curtailing waste and increasing reuse and recycling
• Ecological products based on toxic-free natural materials
• Cutting back on plastic – reducing the use of plastic in packaging
• Water balance – efficient use of water
• Contribution to society – development of community and social sustainability
• Ecological entrepreneurship – encouragement of innovation in recycling and the environment

The UN developmental targets are our inspiration for leading the change:

We are developing our environmental policy according to the UN’s global program of principles and targets for sustainability. From these, we will choose the areas in which our products and solutions can have the greatest possible effect.

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