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Environmental Policy

Environmental policy and sustainable development

Tambour Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer, import and marketer of a large variety of water and solvent-based paint for construction, industry, maintenance, sea vessels, vehicles, electrostatic powder paint, wood paint and varnish, emulsions and construction material, including gypsum board and blocks, gypsum mortar, acoustic ceilings, insulation materials, adhesives, printing paint and complimentary products.

Tambour is committed to the prevention of environmental damage and the continued improvement of the environmental performance of its plants. The company strives to minimize the environmental, safety and health related effects resulting from company operations and processes.

Tambour recognizes that natural resources belong solely to the public, local and global community, and to future generations. It maintains a delicate but uncompromising balance between economic development and environmental protection, including the creation of user- and eco-friendly solutions in the form of lead-free and chromatic paint, insulation and sealants bearing the Green Label and approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Standards Institution of Israel.

Tambour is committed to identifying, measuring and understanding the environmental effects of its operations as the basis for company conduct and decision making, including but not limited to reducing the use of electricity, fuel, water, paper, etc.

Tambour is dedicated to a proactive approach founded in initiative and action, and is committed to cooperate with environmental, safety and occupational health authorities.

An emissions permit is in place at one of the company’s sites, under which we are to inform the public that Environmental Supervisor for the southern plant is Olissia Yaakovanko.


Paint site Environmental Supervisor is Gili Herpaz


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