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Integrated System Policy (quality, safety, hygiene and environment)

Tambour management aims to act in accordance with the principles of the combined system for managing quality, safety, occupational health and the environment, in accordance with the requirements of the  ISO 9001, ISo 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards respectively, and to implement these principles in all echelons of the Company.

To view ISO standards, press on the relevant below:

Paint sites: ISO 9001ISO14001 ,ISO 45001

Tambord (gypsum panels and profiles): ISO 9001;ISOO 14001 ;ISO 45001-2018

Tzah Serafon: ISO 9001 

Gesher Plaster site: ISO 9001 

TPC: ISO 9001

To view the organization’s comprehensive environmental, health and safety policy press here

To view the Platinum Seal on the Tambour site ,press here

To view the Platinum Seal on the Tambord site, press here

To view the Diamond Seal, press here

Tambour is proud to be a member of the Israel Council for Green Construction, which is the leading body in advancing an environmental, high-quality, healthy and accessible living space for every Israeli home. For this purpose, the Council is working along with professional elements and decision makers responsible for design and construction processes in Israel, to create spaces for individuals, society and the environment responsibly.

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