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Public Trust

Tambour is currently the only company in the paint and construction materials industry to sport the Public Trust (Emun HaTzibur) badge. The badge is awarded to businesses and institutions that adhere to follow the rules of the Israeli Public Trust Organization, have passed the organization’s screening process and remain faithful to it throughout their operation.

The badge is a commitment by the business to the public to act with fairness, integrity and transparency and be under constant surveillance by in all of its consumer-oriented dealings.

Not every business can be awarded this badge. Only businesses recognized by the Israeli Public Trust Organization as compliant with the organization’s rules of conduct may apply. These businesses are carefully scrutinized on all levels of consumer-oriented dealings according to public law and the rules of public trust. If successful, the organization may publically display their badge.

The Public Trust badge signals to consumers which businesses have their best interests at heart!

Badge-bearing businesses are obligated to mend any shortcomings and settle all factual disputes with their clients. Tambour clients who are not satisfied with the company’s treatment are welcome to contact the Public Trust complaint center.

For additional information about the Public Trust Organization and the complaint center, visit

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