Most Popular

  • Mineral White Spirit

    Thinner for thinning paints and for cleaning tools used for synthetic paints. In accordance with IS 221

  • Synthetic Wood Primer

    White synthetic wood primer. Suitable for all wood types and walls. For interior use

  • Multi-Purpose Water Based Primer

    Acrylic water based primer with excellent adhesion to various substrates such as: metal, formica, plastic etc. For interior and exterior use

  • Multi-Purpose Solvent Based Primer

    Solvent based multipurpose primer with excellent adhesion to all metal substrates, in matt finish. For interior and exterior use.

  • Yad Rishona

    A water based primer and first coat for filling and covering walls in new construction. Interior use only.

  • Acrylic Shlicht Primer

    Primer for Flexible Acrylic Plaster “Shlicht”. Exterior and interior use.

  • Bonderol Super

    Bonding primer for reinforcing the surface to be painted. Interior use only

  • Bonderol X

    Interior transparent, water based bonding primer for reinforcing porous surfaces

  • Exterior Bonding Primer

    A water based white primer based on acrylic resins. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface. Exterior and interior use.