Most Popular

  • Felxible Putty

    Flexible and high-build pure acrylic putty for exterior and interior use. Especially designed for crack bridging and filling cracks

  • Fungicheck Solution

    For cleaning and removing fungi and molds

  • Hammerton Thinner

    A special thinner for the Hammerton series of paints. For interior and exterior use.

  • Magic Bond+

    Quality American joint compound for filling and smoothen of gypsum board, concrete and plaster walls. For internal use before application of paint

  • Paint Remover

    Paint remover that rapidly penetrates and quickly lifts paint from metals. For interior and exterior use

  • Rust Converter

    Converts rust into a stable compound that serves as a good substrate for painting.

  • Tambourflex Bonding Primer

    Solvent based bonding primer, especially desinged for exterior walls. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface.

  • Wood Oil Sealant

    Oiling and sealing wooden items. In matt finish. For interior and exterior use.