Building with Tambour products means choosing the highest standards, decades of experience and quality materials. Our range of construction products includes plasters, adhesives, sealants and refurbishing products to achieve the best results from the foundation to the finishing touch.

Most Popular

  • Cement Application

    Water-Repellent Base Layer for Creating Homogeneous Substrate for Cement Plaster and Thermal Plaster

  • Cement Plaster for Residential Secure Spaces

    Cement Plaster for Protected Spaces and as a Primer and Protective Layer. For thermal plaster 86, for interior and exterior use

  • Gesher Block

    Powdered Adhesive for Construction with Gypsum Blocks, Interior Use Only

  • Gesher Bond 31 Super Elastic C2TES1

    Flexible adhesive of the S1 adhesive group for all kinds of tiles and natural stone, using the thickset bonding method (for thicknesses of 5-10 mm)

  • Gesher Bond 51

    Powdered Adhesive for Tiling High-Absorptivity Tiles. Suitable for All Kinds of Interior Walls. Adhesion Thicknesses of 3-10 mm

  • Gesher Paving Mortar 73

    Extra-High Quality Premium Mortar Adhesive. For paving with granite porcelain tiles, ceramics, terrazzo, and natural and synthetic stone. For interior and exterior use

  • Gypsum Plaster

    White Interior Plaster for Smoothing Walls, 3-70 mm thickness

  • Gypsum Plaster For Residential Secure Spaces

    Pink Interior Plaster for Flattening and Smoothing Interior Walls in Protected Spaces

  • Satin Cellutite

    Versatile Fixing Material for Filling Cracks and Preparing Surfaces for Painting. Multi-thickness Product. For interior use only