Before getting down to painting it's important to prepare the surface. Our materials for sealing up holes, repairing cracks and more will make your paint job so much easier and render perfect results.

Most Popular

  • Putty PVA

    Filling, Waterproofing, and Smoothing Putty. For interior and exterior use

  • Mineral White Spirit

    Thinner for thinning paints and for cleaning tools used for synthetic paints. In accordance with IS 221

  • Synthetic Wood Primer

    White synthetic wood primer. Suitable for all wood types and walls. For interior use

  • Multi-Purpose Water Based Primer

    Acrylic water based primer with excellent adhesion to various substrates such as: metal, formica, plastic etc. For interior and exterior use

  • Multi-Purpose Solvent Based Primer

    Solvent based multipurpose primer with excellent adhesion to all metal substrates, in matt finish. For interior and exterior use.

  • Yad Rishona

    Synthetic lime paint for maximal coverage. Designed especially for interior walls and ceilings in new constructions. In accordance with IS 1637 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Acrylic Shlicht Primer

    Primer for Flexible Acrylic Plaster “Shlicht”. Exterior and interior use.

  • Bonderol Super

    Bonding primer for reinforcing the surface to be painted. Interior use only

  • Bonderol X

    Interior transparent, water based bonding primer for reinforcing porous surfaces