Before getting down to painting it's important to prepare the surface. Our materials for sealing up holes, repairing cracks and more will make your paint job so much easier and render perfect results.

Most Popular

  • Calcimo X

    Synthetic Powder putty. designed to fill holes and seal fine cracks. For interior use only

  • Exterior Bonding Primer

    A water based white primer based on acrylic resins. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface. Exterior and interior use.

  • Felxible Putty

    Flexible and high-build pure acrylic putty for exterior and interior use. Especially designed for crack bridging and filling cracks

  • Fungicheck Solution

    For cleaning and removing fungi and molds

  • Glue Putty 2000

    Putty for smoothing wood surfaces and new walls. Water based putty for interior use

  • Hammerton Thinner

    A special thinner for the Hammerton series of paints. For interior and exterior use.

  • Magic Bond+

    Quality American joint compound for filling and smoothen of gypsum board, concrete and plaster walls. For internal use before application of paint

  • Paint Remover

    Paint remover that rapidly penetrates and quickly lifts paint from metals. For interior and exterior use

  • Rust Converter

    Converts rust into a stable compound that serves as a good substrate for painting.