Most Popular

  • Antifouling Sea Blue 783L

    Anti-corrosive, paint based on alkyd resins. Fast drying, high build, protects against rust, enables an especially economical painting process. Lead and chromate free.

  • Antifouling Seablue 793L, 783L

    For interior and exterior use

  • Ecoclean 2230

    Two-component (A +B), water based epoxy primer.

  • Epitamarin Divinex NB

    Two-component (A +B), anti-corrosive epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to galvanized steel and Aluminum after proper surface preparation

  • Epitamarin EA-9

    A high-performance, purely self-polishing, IMO-compliant, next generation and revolutionary developed organotin-free antifouling.

  • Epitamarin solekote 1235

    Polyurethane water based acrylic wood varnish designed to protect wooden surfaces.

  • Epitamarin solekote Aluminum

    Two-component, high-build and high solids, micaceous iron oxide pigmented, surface tolerant epoxy for heavy industry maintenance applications. Provides resistance to wear, moisture and chemicals. Multipoxy is suitable for painting on stable rust, damp surfaces and aged coats. Dries in wide temperature  range

  • Epitamarin Zinc-Rich Primer

    Acrylic water based primer with excellent adhesion to various substrates such as: metal, formica, plastic etc. For interior and exterior use.