Solvent Based Poliur Matt-Satin

 Easy application. Drip-less application. Provides excellent coverage. An especially smooth paint with a unique elegant finish. Highly durable. Fast drying. Free of lead and chromates.

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Product Features

  • Usage

    Interior and exterior wooden and metal surfaces, such as: furniture, doors, windows, fences, garden furniture, etc. also suited for painting formica and plastic.

  • Package size


  • Drying times

    Dry to the touch: 3 hours
    Final drying: one day

  • Standby between layers

    8 Hours

Downloadable technical specifications

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Color Calculator

Please enter the sizes in sq.m. of the area you want to paint. To calculate the area, multiply the wall's height with the wall's width.

This calculator is intended only for providing a general assessment. The exact amount may vary depending on a number of variables: the type and nature of painted substrate, application method, dilution, number of layers, use of a suitable primer and more. It is recommended to add up to 10% of the required paint for additions and repairs. We recommend reviewing the product's technical pamphlet prior to application. For questions and additional information, please contact Tambour's specialists' hotline: *6477

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