There's no substitute for quality paints with high coating ability, superb textures, and easy to work with.  Browse our product catalogue and you'll find that same quality all the way through – for any foundation, room or idea you have.  We offer our classic paints in a variety of textures, acrylic finishing materials, magnetic paints, rust and metallic effects and more.

Most Popular

  • Arava

    Premium quality , flexible acrylic paint system for covering exterior walls. Designed to bridge cracks up to 2 mm in defective walls. Tested according to IS 1731 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Multicryl

    A water based white primer based on acrylic resins. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface. Exterior and interior use.

  • Emulsin

    High quality water based acrylic paint. Interior and exterior matt finish paint with excellent coverage and high durability. In accordance with IS 1945.

  • Magicryl+

    Water based acrylic paint for plaster (gypsum) walls. Interior use only. Certified eco-friendly

  • Plastikir

    High quality, water based acrylic paint. Especially designed for exterior walls. In accordance with IS 1945 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Polisid

    Water based synthetic lime paint. Provides a smooth look. Designed especially for interior walls and ceilings. In accordance with IS 1637 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Gmar Sid Super

    Synthetic lime paint for maximal coverage.
    Designed especially for interior walls and ceilings in new constructions.
    In accordance with IS 1637 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Yad Rishona

    A water based primer and first coat for filling and covering walls in new construction. Interior use only.