There's no substitute for quality paints with high coating ability, superb textures, and easy to work with.  Browse our product catalogue and you'll find that same quality all the way through – for any foundation, room or idea you have.  We offer our classic paints in a variety of textures, acrylic finishing materials, magnetic paints, rust and metallic effects and more.

Most Popular

  • Metallic Suede

    A decorative effect with a metallic look.

  • Suede

    High quality water based acrylic paint. Interior matt finish paint resistant to fungus and mould. Especially designed for wet rooms such as bathrooms. In accordance with IS 809 and certified eco-friendly.

  • Jute

    Suitable for interior wall application – for creating a prestigious look in one layer.

  • Metal touch

    Decorative Effect with a Metallic Look in Shades of Silver/ Gold/ Copper


  • Rust effect

    Decorative Rust-Like Effect. (Dual-component, bronze and brown for simultaneous use)

  • Antique

    Fashionable antique look of Italian renaissance.

  • Cashmere

    Metallic Sparkling effect that provides a wild dune look for interior walls.

  • Magnetic Paint

    Allows the attachment of magnets and magnetic items directly to painted surface (walls, doors, wooden closets).

  • Arava

    Premium quality , flexible acrylic paint system for covering exterior walls. Designed to bridge cracks up to 2 mm in defective walls. Tested according to IS 1731 and certified eco-friendly.