There's no substitute for quality paints with high coating ability, superb textures, and easy to work with.  Browse our product catalogue and you'll find that same quality all the way through – for any foundation, room or idea you have.  We offer our classic paints in a variety of textures, acrylic finishing materials, magnetic paints, rust and metallic effects and more.

Most Popular

  • Suede Metallic Glitter

    Introduces a fashionable atmosphere, prestigious and unique touch.

  • Metallic Suede

    A decorative effect with a metallic look.

  • Suede

    Decorative water based special effect paint for interior walls. Water based acrylic paint that provides a Suede-like finish. Suede creates a special texture effect. The effect changes as a result of the angle, lightning and application. This effect is suitable both for unique home styling and public areas such as
    hotels, restaurants, offices and more.

  • Jute

    Suitable for interior wall application – for creating a prestigious look in one layer.

  • Metal touch

    Decorative Effect with a Metallic Look in Shades of Silver/ Gold/ Copper


  • Rust effect

    Decorative Rust-Like Effect. (Dual-component, bronze and brown for simultaneous use)

  • Antique

    Fashionable antique look of Italian renaissance.

  • Cashmere

    Metallic Sparkling effect that provides a wild dune look for interior walls.

  • Magnetic Paint

    Allows the attachment of magnets and magnetic items directly to painted surface (walls, doors, wooden closets).