Building with Tambour products means choosing the highest standards, decades of experience and quality materials. Our range of construction products includes plasters, adhesives, sealants and refurbishing products to achieve the best results from the foundation to the finishing touch.

Most Popular

  • Skim Coat Bagger 87

    Finishing Layer for Plaster and Concrete Exclusively for Interior Use

  • Super Plaster

    High bonding strength and good workability. Long workability time and ease of preparing the paste. Shrink-free. Does not require curing during the drying and solidification processes. For interior use only

  • Thermal

    Thermal Plaster for Building Heat and Cold Insulation and for Preventing Condensation

  • Water-Resistant Gesher Block

    Powdered Adhesive for Construction with Water-Resistant Gypsum Blocks, Interior Use Only