Our exterior wall paints are an inseparable part of the Israeli landscape. We offer a variety of products that allow you to produce an esthetic appearance using an assortment of textures and literally thousands of colors.  Our exterior paints are particularly durable, meet stringent standards, and are adapted to the Israeli climate.

Most Popular

  • Acrylic Shlicht Primer

    Primer for Flexible Acrylic Plaster “Shlicht”. Exterior and interior use.

  • Exterior Bonding Primer

    A water based white primer based on acrylic resins. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface. Exterior and interior use.

  • Exterior Smoothing Putty

    Direct application on standard rusty and galvanized metal for interior and exterior use.

  • M.D 45

    Stoving epoxy primer, base on epoxy and other resins.Primer coat for metals and non-ferrous metals in stoving paint systems.

  • Supercryl M.D

    Acrylic Shlicht – Flexible Acrylic Plaster coating. Decortive flexible system for painting exterior and interior walls. Provides an authentic look, with fine scratches.

  • Tambourflex Bonding Primer

    Solvent based bonding primer, especially desinged for exterior walls. Ensures excellent adhesion of the acrylic topcoat to the surface.

  • Tambourflex Coarse 90

    A two-component, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane topcoat.Provides superior performance in heavy duty industrial & marine environment. Long-term gloss and color retention. Good abrasion resistance.

  • Tambourflex Extra Fine 20

    Two-component, epoxy polyamide primer (part A and part B) for anticorrosive protection of steel structures.

  • Tambourflex Medium 50

    Premium quality , flexible acrylic paint system for covering exterior walls. Designed to bridge cracks up to 2 mm in defective walls. Tested according to IS 1731 and certified eco-friendly.