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Renew Metalwork In A Breeze

Say goodbye to hours of sanding rust in order to prep your old metalwork for repainting. Meet the new product that will upgrade your outdoors: Hammerton paint, full rust coverage in shorter painting time.

We love spending time outdoors. On sunny summers we might spend most of our days outside. In order to fully enjoy those bright days, we want our outdoor to be as immaculately designed as our indoors. If you have a balcony or a yard, you know what we’re talking about: fences, rails, lawn chairs, lighting and gates – they are made almost exclusively out of metal. And while it is indeed sturdy and durable, it is also extremely vulnerable to weather and is susceptible to rust, which damages both its look and its integrity. You can easily upgrade your metalwork with a fresh coat of paint that will bring back the spark to your worn objects and protect it from wear and tear.

Painting Metal – The Magic of Hammerton Paint

Metalwork that needs renewing is often damaged by rust, the result of prolonged exposure to humid air. Outdoor metalwork, particularly in coastal areas, is primarily susceptible to damages and require constant maintenance. When painting with anything that is not Hammerton paint, you will first have to prep the surface by thoroughly sanding, cleaning and drying the surface, to insure adherence and even, long lasting coverage. Luckily, Hammerton paints are advanced metal paints that can be used directly over rust, saving you the majority of the prep work, so you can get straight to painting. Hammerton paints are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, significantly reduce painting time, are exceptionally suitable for humid climates, waterproof, rust-proof, and maintain their shade for years.

Choosing the Right Metal Paint- Oil or Water Based?

Before you begin painting, be sure to choose the correct type of paint for your project. There are two primary types of metal paint – oil-based paint, and water-based paint. Oil based paint require longer drying time, damage the brush and exude foul odors. Water based paint, like Hammerton paint, is suitable for indoor use, and even for objects handled by children or pets. Water based paint is more environmentally friendly and have shorter drying time. In addition, water-based paint is easier to use on large-surface metalwork, and leave a polished finish.

Different Metal Finish for A New Look

If you decided to renew your metalwork, it could be a great opportunity to completely renew and improve its look. You don’t have to paint it in the original color. Instead, you can change the look or even the texture. Before painting the metal, plan how you want the item to look, and have it fit in with your interior or exterior design.

Hammerton paint lets you choose different types of finishing for your metal:

Matte finish oil-based paint is best suited for outdoor objects such as benches and fences, to better maintain a fresh look over time, despite prolonged exposure to sun and moisture. Sparkling metallic finish paint is best suited for indoor use, and has an eye-catching effect. When painting banisters and rails, use a paint that showcases the hammering details.

Metal Painting Made Easy

With Hammerton paint, anyone can paint metal in a breeze. Remove loose rust, grease and dirt with a steel brush and sanding paper. Spread two coats of Hammerton paint, and make sure no area is left uncovered. Exposed metal can let in moisture. Wait 1-2 hours between coats. Several thin coats are recommended, especially in complex and confined areas.

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