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Plaster, Plaster Shlicht, And Everything In Between

Plaster and Plaster Shlicht: it’s time to understand the differences once and for all, and learn how you can use them on interior walls, and not just outdoors.

One of the most popular trends in interior design in recent years is to bring the outdoors inside – introducing outdoor elements to the interior of the house, giving it a rugged, rustic, and authentic look. Examples can be found in exposed concrete walls and pillars, concrete floors, and of course, acrylic plaster. If you’re thinking about bringing in some of the outdoors into your home and creating a unique look, this article is for yo!

Terrano Acrylic Plaster Shlicht 50, 0465T

Plaster and plaster shlicht: what’s the difference?

Plaster is used as a median layer between the wall and the finishing layer (paint, shlicht, ceramic tiles or any other material), the final layer that is visible at the end of the process. Plaster levels the wall and protects it from water damage. There are several different types of plaster, including interior-use plaster used to create a smooth and even interior look, and exterior-use plaster, intended for outdoor use and protection against weather damage.

Plaster shlicht is the third and final coat in the plastering process, and gives a decorative finish. Plaster shlicht also serves as an additional layer of protection, coating the wall and protecting it against moisture and water damage. The two main types of plaster shlicht are mineral and acrylic.

Colored acrylic plaster shlicht
Acrylic plaster shlicht exhibits exceptionally high durability to weather damages. It can bridge cracks (up to 1mm) and maintains its texture and hue over time. It has a rustic look and a grainy texture. It comes in all Tambour Touch the Color fan deck, and in a variety of textures, from smooth (TM10) to rough (TM70).

Acrylic plaster shlicht TM70, shade T0724

Terrano Acrylic Plaster Shlicht
Terrano is the latest innovation in acrylic plaster shlicht. It incorporates all the winning qualities of acrylic plaster shlicht—easy to use and durable— with the authentic look and feel of mineral plaster. The result is a slightly rough and grainy wall with delicate crevices that give it a unique look. Terrano plaster shlicht comes in a variety of colors from the Tambour Touch the Color fan deck.

Terrano Acrylic Plaster Shlicht 50, 1374P

Mineral Plaster Shlicht
Mineral Plaster Shlicht is based on natural materials that allow the walls to breathe and minimize trapped fumes and vapor. Mineral Plaster Shlicht can be used indoors and outdoors, and boasts an exceptionally natural look.

Arava – Cement mineral plaster shlicht with a natural concrete and stone look, in 10 unique colors.

Rocca – weather-proof wet mineral plaster shlicht, prevents moisture accumulation inside the walls, thus preventing mold and fungus. Rocca comes in 10 rustic colors.

Arava TA420

Colored Plaster Schlicht for decorative indoor looks

n the past, there was a strict convention of which materials and textures are intended for outdoor use, and which ones are meant for interior design. Today, these boundaries have blurred, and everything is possible. More and more architects and designers introduce exterior finishing materials into the home, giving it a fresh and unique look. The wide array of plaster shlicht textures and colors allow for numerous design styles. Plaster shlicht can be used anywhere in the home: on a dominant bedroom wall for an affordable yet impressive look, a colored variant for a central living room wall, or as emphasize for niches. Terrano plaster, for example, is especially suited for common spaces such as the dining room, and due to the cozy atmosphere it lends it looks great in the bedroom, too.

The shade of plaster shlicht also determines the stylistic tone of the room. The grey-white spectrum provides an urban-modern look; khaki and green colors give more of a country-rustic feel; and reddish, ping and even blue hues make for an ethnic atmosphere.

Plaster shlicht makes a huge difference in the way a space looks and feels, and should be used in measure. Use it on one dominant walls, in a shade and texture that corresponds with the other walls of the house. To compliment the look, you can incorporate shelves, artwork, a large mirror or any other decorative elements.

Arava TA410

Plaster and colored plaster shlicht in action

While we are all for doing it yourself, it is best to let a professional handle the job when it comes to plaster and plaster shlicht. It takes great skill to apply correctly, smoothly and evenly to the wall. In order to ensure complete coverage and sealing, as well as an amazing look, call a professional.

Not sure how to correctly use paint? Our expert hotline is here for you! Trying to figure out the right shade or texture for your wall? Come on over to Tambour House for a free consultation.

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