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Your Complete Guide To Furniture Renovation

Is it time to upgrade grandma’s old dresser? Lighten up a bleak dining room? Repaint a crib? Any piece of furniture can get a breath of fresh air with the right paint. Here’s the complete guide to furniture upgrade and renovation.

Furniture renovation has become quite a trend, and for a good reason. Redoing your furniture is more financially sound than buying a new piece, more ecological, and is a fun way to give a unique, personal touch to common furniture. We created a complete guide, to help you get a hold of do-it-yourself laminate and wood furniture renovation.

What you will need to redo your wooden furniture?

Before you start painting, you need to settle on your desired end result: painted wood can be opaque, covering the wood entirely, or clear, revealing its texture. Keep in mind that you cannot return opaque-painted furniture to their original condition.

For a natural wooden look, use water based wood varnish, clear or colored.
If opaque is what you’re after, paint your furniture using water-based Polior (comes in matte, silk, shiny or metallic) – an environmentally friendly paint, suitable even for nurseries and kids’ rooms, which comes in 1650 shades from the Tambour color fan.

In addition to wood paint, it’s important to use quality brushes that won’t leave bristles in the paint. It’s best to consult with a professional who can help you pick the right brush for the specific furniture you wish to paint, and ensure your end result is remarkable.

Prepping your furniture: patience is a virtue

  • Before you begin painting, remove all dust and dirt using a damp towel, and sand away peeling paint using fine-grain sanding paper. Use a coarser paper for opaque coats, in order to help the paint adhere to the furniture.
  • If there are minimal flaws or blemishes, fix them using Glue Putty 2000. When dry, sand until smooth, and wipe once more with a damp towel. This is a highly important step, and will ensure the paint will last for many years.
  • Mask over any areas that should remain unpainted, or will be painted with a different color. Use paper masking tape (you can reduce its adhesiveness by first sticking it on piece of fabric).
  • Place your furniture in a well-lit area, to reveal any flaws in either the wood paint coverage. Ideally, you should paint outdoors in the sunlight, but if not, opt for a well-lit room. Place your furniture on a tarp to catch all drips and messes, and get into your work clothes. Ready? Here we go!

Correct furniture painting for optimal results

  • Carefully read the instructions on your paint of choice. Each paint type comes with specific instructions, and correct use will ensure quality results.
  • A well-kept secret among professional furniture restorers: more layers, less paint. Don’t try to achieve full coverage right from the first coat. Apply a thin layer of paint and wait for it to fully dry before proceeding to a second coat, and repeat until reaching the desired effect. Doing this will prevent color discrepancies and guarantee a great looking piece of furniture. At least two coats are necessary for a good result.

Painting laminated wood

We all have at least one piece of laminated furniture. Very trendy in previous decades, laminate does suffer from wear and tear – but they can easily be turned to newly designed furniture. To paint laminated furniture, first sand the surface with a fine grain sanding paper, to provide better grip for the paint. Clean the surface of grease and dirt using soapy water or any other suitable household product. Cover in one coat of multipurpose, soluble primer and wait one hour until fully dry. Proceed to paint with two coats of water-based Polior in the shade of your choice.

Now that grandma’s old dresser is once again standing proudly, you can go ahead and design the rest of your living room. Good luck!

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