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Eating In Style – An Easy Dining Room Makeover

Food tastes so much better in a pleasantly decorated environment. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and renew your dining room on your own and on a budget.

We spend a good portion of our time at home in the kitchen or dining room. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee with friends or doing homework with the kids – the kitchen and dining room are our go-to place for all of these. If you’re tired of eating in a dull setting, it’s time to give the heart of the home the respect it deserves. Here’s how you can spruce up your dining room all by yourself with minimum effort.

Dominant wall

A dominant wall is a low budget, minimum work solution for creating a beautifully designed space – choosing one wall and turning it into the focal point of the room. You can do this with some solid color, wallpaper, a large picture or a patterned wall. Since the entire purpose of the dominant wall is to attract attention, don’t shy away from bold colors and daring patterns. You can choose a unique effect like metallic paint, or draw some lines or zigzag patterns on the wall. On the other hand, it’s best to moderate the overall look of the room using a more subdued color for the rest of it. Don’t forget that the room will pop out even more if the rest of the walls are white, so if you want it to be just a little bit less dramatic, you can paint the other walls in a neutral color like beige or off-white. If you’re redecorating your dining room, the wall behind the dining area is the best choice for a dominant wall – but of course you can pick any wall according to your personal preferences and style.

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Choosing the right color for your dining room

Whether you chose to do the entire dining room or just one dominant wall, there comes a time when you have to make the choice – what shade would it be? Ideally, you would want your dining room to match the rest of your home. If your style is rustic, with plenty of wood and natural materials, you could use acrylic shlicht in beige or cream. If your home has more of an urban-industrial feel, your dining room will look amazing with a dominant wall sporting a unique texture, like concrete effect or Arava mineral cement.

If textures aren’t exactly your cup of tea you can do a single-shade wall painted in a warm tone of red, orange or yellow. Warm colors are known to affect the appetite and create a cozy atmosphere that welcomes pleasant conversation.

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Magnetic wall or chalkboard

Sometimes when designing a space we can neglect functionality in favor of looks. When it comes to the kitchen or dining room, it’s particularly important to consider your needs and plan the space accordingly. One of the best ways to make a space more efficient and still keep it modern is to add a magnetic or chalkboard wall. Your shopping list, kids’ art, invitations to school parties – all of these will look so much better on a magnetic wall, or written in chalk. These days it’s easy to create your own magnetic or chalk wall. Simply take magnetic paint, a roller or brush, and paint several layers to create your very own magnetic wall. You can paint over it with any paint from the Supercryl family and get a colorful magnetic wall. If you want to get the best of both worlds – magnet and chalk – add a layer of matt acrylic varnish, such as water-based Varnit.

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Matching your furniture to the room

You don’t have to get brand new furniture in order to make your new space work. You can revive old furniture, and it’s really simple. Your table, chairs and even that old cabinet that’s been sitting in the corner for ages – all of them can fit in well with your renovated dining room. You’ll be helping the environment, saving money and get to show off your creativity and DIY skills. Not bad, right? Plug holes and fix wood defects using Tambour Glue Putty 2000, sand off surfaces, wipe off dust and debris and paint in any one of the beautiful water-based Polyor colors.

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Textile, textile, textile!

The final step in upgrading your room is all about the small details, and a touch of textile is guaranteed to perfectly tie the room together. Adding textile to your room will soften up the atmosphere and make every space more harmonious. For dining rooms, opt for stain-proof fabrics that are guaranteed to maintain a nice, clean look over time. Add full or half-length curtains, but make sure they are not completely opaque; you want to have enough natural light come in. Seat cushions and a nice tablecloth are another easy way to spruce up the room at minimal cost.

Itching for a metallic dining room wall but not sure which shade is best for your home? Come visit us at Tambour House, see our wall display and get some free consulting from our experts.

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