Design The Perfect Living Room

The living room is the center of the house. It’s where we host, where we sit and clear our heads after a long day, and where we enjoy quality time with our family.

 So how can you decorate a living room that fits all of your needs, and still has that straight out of a magazine look? Here are 5 practical tips that will help you design the perfect living room.

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1. Large living room? Divide it up!

Some homes and apartments have a very large living room and smaller bedrooms. In order to create a more proportionate divide and avoid empty and unused space, you can partition your living room. Drywalls at half height can separate a play area or work station from the rest of the living space. Shelves and plaster niches can also create a cozier feel, and can act as nooks for your television set or stereo system, for a practical yet intimate space.

2. Small living room? Use bright colors and smart storage solutions.

Make a small living room appear larger by incorporating smart storage solutions and colors that provide an illusion of space. Choose compact furniture that can be stowed away when needed, as well as furniture with integrated storage, and modular pieces that can be adapted to your specific and changing needs. Apart from these space-saving storage solutions, you can employ color to create an illusion of space. Use bright colors for a spacious feel, in shades that fit your preferred style. Cream and peach or olive-green will give off a cozy rustic atmosphere; grey walls and furniture made from natural materials create a fashionable urban look, and white walls with wooden furniture and white accessories can turn any living room into a proper Scandinavian dream.

3. One eye catching wall makes a big difference

If you really like a certain bold color, but don’t want to overdo it with an entire painted living room, a single dominant wall is exactly what you need. An eye-catching wall gives a room a boost of color and a focal point. Paint one wall in a bold color, and leave the others in neutral tones, for a balanced feel. The dominant wall doesn’t have to be limited to a single color. You can get creative with different colored geometric shapes, or use acrylic plaster shlicht for a textured effect such as burlap, or a grainy shine with Safari paint.

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4. Don’t forget the ceiling

We tend to overlook our ceilings, even though they take up considerable space in our home. A painted ceiling can give an interesting contrast and an eye catching effect in your living room. Choose a neutral color for a subtle effect, or a bold color in a white room for added brightness. Use a cold palette of blues or purples to create an illusion of height in a low-ceiling room.

5. Declutter

We have a tendency to overcrowd the living room with excessive furniture and knick-knacks: books, souvenirs, and other objects we want to put on display. This creates a visual overload that spoils the entire look and feel of your living room – particularly if it’s small. In order to get that straight out of a magazine look, keep it organized and leave some open spaces to balance the areas that are occupied by furniture. Use compartmentalized furniture and drawers to store small objects such as remote controls, or a pen and pad. Don’t crowd the shelves; always leave some bare space for an easier look.

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