Designing Your Home Office Or Workspace

When you can no longer focus on your work sitting around the kitchen table, it’s time to get yourself a real home office or workspace to help optimize your work in a pleasant environment.

It doesn’t matter if your home office is a big, spacious room or a single desk at the edge of the living room. It doesn’t matter if you work from home full time or just need that special corner for occasional work. In order to be as productive as possible you need a pleasant and carefully-planned environment. Feel free to steal these ideas for a particularly perfect workspace.

Plan ahead and think about your needs

Before you start moving furniture and painting walls, sit down and make a list of everything you need for an optimal workspace. Are you going to spend hours there, day in and day out? Do you only need a computer and keyboard? Do you need additional space for documents and stationery? Maybe you need glue and scissors? Write down your answers so you can focus on your needs and create a workspace that works for you.
Once you have your list, start looking for inspiration. Inspiration can be found anywhere – in magazines, friends’ homes, and of course, online. Start by browsing websites and photo-based apps like Pinterest or Instagram, which will make your search much easier. After all that planning and envisioning what you want your room to look like, you’re finally ready to start redecorating.

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Choosing the right color

A dash of paint can freshen up any room. Choose the type of paint and painting method according to your needs. If you need room for lists you might want to paint some of the wall with magnetic paint and hang up all of your memos. For a tamer, but still effective decorative wall, use chalk paint and write in chalk directly on the wall. When you’re decorating a workspace that is part of a larger area like a living room or bedroom, outline it with paint to separate it from the rest of the room.
Different shades can affect your mood and efficiency. Introducing blues and greens will create a soft, soothing atmosphere and works best for those of us in highly stressful lines of work. Yellow is known to aid memory and attention, and a white room gives off a clean vibe with minimal distractions. If your work requires creativity, try to make your workspace creative with a nice geometric pattern instead of a boring old bare wall.
For an all-over look, don’t forget to liven up your office furniture. Paint the shelves, desk and chairs using Polyor paint and get them to match the overall scheme and color scale of the room.

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Keep it nice and tidy

The secret to an efficiency-inspiring workspace is organization and order. Make sure you have a designated spot for every item you might use while you work, big or small. If your workspace isn’t large, take advantage of every available space – but be smart about it! Some shelves, a set of drawers that fit under your desk or a paper stand can help keep your work station mess-free. If you need all of your pens and pencils to be somewhere accessible, don’t leave them all over the desk. Put them in a designated pencil holder or drawer.
If you have a computer, printer, modem or telephone plugged in, make sure all the wires are tidy so you can easily plug and unplug them when needed. If possible, place your desk near an outlet so you can organize or hide the cables.

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Let there be light – good lighting promotes great thinking

Good lighting helps define the room’s atmosphere, and it’s especially important in your home office. Insufficient lighting can tire you out quickly, and you will soon find yourself dozing off on top of a pile of bills. Place your desk where it gets the most sunlight throughout the day. Add a ceiling light that interacts with the room’s design, as well as a desk lamp or standing light beside your desk. Decorative lighting will brighten up any other dark areas and fill the room with warmth.

Upgrading your workspace and can’t decide between a solid color, paint effects or decorative painting? Come on over to Tambour House for a free consultation with our experts.

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