Most Popular

  • Aquapoxy 17M top coat

    Decorative solvent based opaque synthetic gold topcoat. For painting wood and metal items such as: picture frames, mirrors and other decorative items. For interior use only

  • Arocoat H.B

    Two-component, (part A + part B) primer, based on vinyl resins and phosphoric acid. Provides phosphatization effect on metal. Conforms to MIL-C-8514 standard.

  • Concealing Paint For Road Marking

    Paint for marking asphalt and concrete roads. Fast drying, highly visible even in poor visibility conditions. Acrylic emulsion based paint.

  • Ecoclean 2230

    Two-component (A +B), water based epoxy primer.

  • Ecopoxy 60

    Interior transparent, water based bonding primer for reinforcing porous surfaces.

  • Ecopoxy 80

    Two-component high-build, high solids surface tolerant multipurpose chromate free epoxy coating. For application on steel and galvanized steel substrates

  • Epicatalac Clear

    Two-component, zinc-ethyl silicate-. Forms a continuous coat of metallic zinc that provides cathodic protection to metal (as in hot galvanization). Complies with the composition and performance requirements of SSPC paint 20

  • Epicatalac P.U

    Two-component, high solids and high-build epoxy novolac lining.

  • Epicatalac S.L

    Excellent durability to mechanical wear and various chemicals without damage to shade or to gloss.